Bob Wells – Get Real


KPG Get Real Bob Wells

John Clidy, Area Director of the Greater PA Region for Keller Williams Real Estate hosts Get Real and interviews the regular host Bob Wells. Bob shares his growth story and 20 plus years of wisdom in real estate, coaching and life.

Shawn Morrow – Get Real


KPG Get Real Shawn Morrow

John Clidy, Area Director of the Greater PA Region for Keller Williams Real Estate hosts Get Real and interviews Shawn Morrow. Shawn is one of the Operating Principals at KPG, he shares incredible insights around personal and professional growth. He also discusses what he looks for in a leader and details behind a 45 minute conversation that changed the trajectory of his life!

Bob Wells and Usha Patel – The Path


Bob Wells and Usha Patel – Succeeding and Progressing as a Professional Coach

What would it be like to follow your passion for coaching, and both succeed and progress as a coaching professional? In this unique episode guest host Bob Wells interviews Usha Patel, Keystone Partners Group’s Director of Productivity Coaching as she shares her fourteen year coaching journey from her first coaching role, to her current responsibility for nine other coaches and a program with a closed annual sales volume of over one hundred million dollars. Aspiring coaches, and pros alike will love this back stage look at the incredible world of changing people’s lives for the better.

Jonathan Phillips and Eric Leadbetter – The Path


Jonathan Phillips and Eric Leadbetter – Get Up Every Day with a Purpose

Can a growing real estate rock star slingshot into a leadership and coaching roll in just over two years? In this refreshing episode, we chart the course of Eric Leadbetter’s quick rise as a powerful and effective productivity coach, and how he and Jonathan Phillips continue to work closely together to predictably build Jon’s business into a powerful force to be reckoned with. While Jon is focused on taking listings and effectively generating leads, Eric explains how important it is to make it known that your hand is raised when seeking opportunity.

Joshua Hersz – The Path


Joshua Hersz – Replacing your Full Time Income… And More!

With a full time, job, a growing family, and responsibilities as a Division 1 basketball referee, Australian Josh Hersz had his hands full while launching his new real estate business. One year later, he’s replaced his job income and continues to grow his business through the expansion of his circle of influence and following the models of those who have gone before him. Listen to Josh as he shares the importance of first impressions, professionalism, and being in tune with those who seek your counsel.

Theresa Panik and J.D. Lepeta – The Path


Theresa Panik and J.D. Lepeta – Nine Listings and Three Contracts in 75 Days

New to the area and having two small children, new licensee Theresa Panik had initial doubts about her prospects for success in real estate. That’s of course before she met her coach J.D. Lepeta. Just over two months after her start date, Theresa and J.D. describes how their combined superpowers enabled her to take nine listings and put three houses under contract in just 75 days. By focusing on a specific plan, disciplined time blocking, and purposeful action, you can do it too.

Valerie Skripack – The Path


Valerie Skripack – Coaching Never Ends

When asked about transition from top agent to Productivity Coach, Val Skripek replied, “I didn’t see this one coming for me”. Now just two years later, she coaches 45 agents to their goals and couldn’t be any happier. What’s it like to transition from 20 years as a top producer to leading a large coaching program and changing lives for the better every day? You’ll find out in this episode that’s ripe with distinctions about transitioning from your core competency, to a new career filled with passion and purpose.

Jared Moyer – The Path


Jared Moyer – From Zero Sales to Hero Performance

Jared Moyer had zero sales experience when he quit his stable and lucrative job as a Manufacturing Supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry to begin his real estate career. Now just 24 months from his first day as an agent, Jared’s annual production is 60 closed transactions with a closed sales volume of $13,000,000. Capitalizing on past personal relationships and through leveraging the trust he had built with them, Jared used Facebook to communicate his vision, and closed his first transaction inside 60 days setting the stage for his success today.

Chelsea Aleksich and Lisa Sanderson – The Path


Chelsea Aleksich and Lisa Sanderson – “I am not a salesperson”

With a background in Operations Management, Chelsea Aleksich quickly replied “I am not a salesperson” when her investment partner and husband suggested real estate as a career option. Yet working from a location where she had little to no previous relationships, she quickly followed her coach’s direction and used proven models and systems to become highly effective with selling the homes of unrepresented sellers. In Chelsea’s words, if it’s necessary for success “you can’t not do it”.

Jennifer Bowden and Valerie Skripek – The Path


Jennifer Bowden and Valerie Skripek – Launching a Career in Two Mornings a Week

With two young children to raise, Jennifer Bowden’s priorities were “Family First, Career Second”. Working closely with her coach Val Skripek to maximize her time blocking and lead generation skills, Jen built a successful business by focusing on real estate just two mornings each week. In this interview Jen shares all of the strategies and tactics that she used to build a solid business foundation without having to sacrifice her precious time with her children, and how her relationship with her coach was the difference that made the difference.