Bob Wells – Get Real


KPG Get Real Bob Wells

John Clidy, Area Director of the Greater PA Region for Keller Williams Real Estate hosts Get Real and interviews the regular host Bob Wells. Bob shares his growth story and 20 plus years of wisdom in real estate, coaching and life.

Shawn Morrow – Get Real


KPG Get Real Shawn Morrow

John Clidy, Area Director of the Greater PA Region for Keller Williams Real Estate hosts Get Real and interviews Shawn Morrow. Shawn is one of the Operating Principals at KPG, he shares incredible insights around personal and professional growth. He also discusses what he looks for in a leader and details behind a 45 minute conversation that changed the trajectory of his life!

Denise Folk and Nancy Unangst – The Path


Denise Folke and Nancy Unangst – A Recipe for Dual Career Success

Dual career agent Denise Folke continues to serve her community as a Recreation Director, while methodically building a real estate business grounded in customer service and referable client experiences. With the guidance of her coach Nancy Unangst, Denise proves that you can follow your passion for real estate while continuing to meet additional career responsibilities. It’s not for everyone, but perhaps you can benefit from following the slow and steady path to predictable results.

Wayne Megill – Get Real


Wayne Megill – Custom Home Builder and successful Mega Agent

An anomaly in his market, Wayne Megill, owner of Megill Custom Homes and the Wayne Megill Real Estate Sales Team, has succeeded in growing two highly synergized businesses that effectively serve the most people possible in his community. A brilliant business person and strategist, Wayne gets real about how he and his team effectively expanded from custom home building into the resale market, while remaining one of the most respected and resilient builders in southeastern Pennsylvania. Seasoned and budding entrepreneurial leaders alike will be captivated by this solid gold episode.

Paul and Amanda Lott – Get Real


Paul and Amanda Lott – Failing forward in Luxury Sales

For consummate professionals Paul and Amanda Lott, failing forward and getting real was essential on their path to creating a luxury sales business driven by their team of 13, and generating a closed sales volume of well over $30,000,000 a year. Discover how lessons learned in the areas of hiring, business, and coaching continue to drive the rapid growth of their production and profitability, while enabling their ever more comfortable lifestyle.

Nathan Guttman – Get Real


Nathan Guttman – From Business Owner to Real Estate Rock Star
Learn it, then leverage it! Nathan Guttman grew up listening to family members discussing the art of real estate investing. After building and selling a successful service business, he brought the lessons learned from prior experience and blended it with the models followed by world class real estate agents to build a growing local expansion organization operation closing 100 units and $22,000,000 each year. Bring your business savvy and watch this episode as Nathan gets real and maps out his success strategies.

Josh and Jen McNight – Get Real


Josh and Jen McKnight – A flexible approach to thriving in any market

Starting at just twenty years old Josh & Jen McKnight will close 200 sales this year. Balancing their highly developed distressed property business model, with a large and growing relationship based practice, their team has mastered the ability to continuously rebalance their business focus based on the market of the moment, and thrive when many others suffer. Soak up this episode as Josh and Jen get real and share their strategies that can prepare you for anything!

Gary Segal – Get Real


Gary Segal – Creating Financial Freedom in Real Estate

Having built a relationship based business that has consistently generated $35-$40,000,000 in annual sales volume, Gary Segal is an icon in the real estate world, yet his true level of mastery remains hidden from the casual observer. Not only has Gary built an awesome sales practice, but he’s also created financial freedom through multiple streams of passive income, and leveraged his business in a way that will allow him to step away from it while continuing to receive significant income from its ongoing performance. Listen to Gary as he gets real and shares priceless perspectives on abundance, strategy, and, mindset.

Jason Gizzi – Get Real


Jason Gizzi – From Part Time to Big Time

Get Real! Can you really “make it” in real estate starting part time? Just say yes, and tune in as Jason Gizzi maps out his growth from closing five transactions in his second year, to going full time and closing 49 transactions in his third year. One year later, The Jason Gizzi Team of three will now close over $16,000,000 in volume and maintain an awesome growth and leverage trajectory. In Jason’s words… “it’s one part commitment, three parts training”. If you’re still hanging on to that dead end “j-o-b”, this is your episode.

Theresa Calantoni – Get Real


Theresa Calantoni – Building a dynasty through partnerships and mindset

Theresa Calantoni became a Realtor upon graduation from high school, and a broker at the tender age of twenty-one. At twenty-seven, she opened her own real estate company; the Capstone Real Estate Group. Today, champion golfer and thrill seeker Theresa Calantoni runs a business within a business and leads a team of five licensed team members to expertly maximize a warm database of over 1000 clients. Tune into this interview as Theresa gets real and learn how to build a dynasty through partnerships and win-win thinking.