Amy Phillips 2

Amy began her real estate career in 2003 as a licensed New Jersey Realtor she sold real estate for four years before working for a title company as a business developer in New Jersey. There she cultivated relationships between Realtors and attorneys. In 2014, Amy made the move to Keller Williams, where she works as the Team Leader for the … Read More

Dan Taylor

Born and raised in Northeastern PA, Dan studied finance at the University of Scranton before starting a career in Hospitality Management. During that time, he began pursuing his passion for real estate part-time, not as an agent, but as an investor. As his investment portfolio grew, he gained valuable insights into market data, home construction, & property management. Not soon … Read More

Will Kelly

After a 6 year stint in the Cayman Islands owning a number of successful businesses, Will and his wife decided to relocate back to the Philadelphia area to be closer to family. Will began to sell real estate full time in 2006 earning “Rookie of the Year” honors in one of the most successful offices in the Delaware Valley. After … Read More

Shawn Morrow

Shawn is an Operating Partner of Keystone Partners Group. He has been in the Real Estate industry for 16 years and was a mega agent prior to joining Keller Williams in 2008. His primary focus is working with our Team Leaders to grow the offices by attracting Top Talent to the organization. Shawn is passionate about coaching our agents to build …

Usha Patel

Usha is the Director of Productivity Coaching for Keystone Partners Group and is responsible for the success of 9 productivity coaches and over 500+ real estate agents. A passionate advocate for education, she has facilitated …

Francis McCarthy

Francis has dedicated his real estate career to coaching, consulting, and training individuals in their personal and professional development. He focuses on the success of each individual at all times and is committed to their growth and overall leadership potential helping them to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living. Francis operates under a culture of trust, integrity, and openness which promotes an atmosphere of higher achievement. He believes that today’s challenging real estate industry requires focus, achievement, and the genuine commitment of a group of dedicated real estate professionals, embodying T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More).

Bob Wells

Bob is an Operating Partner of Keystone Partners Group. His primary focus is to help leadership put key systems in place in the real estate offices to help the companies run more effectively. Bob is a world class trainer and educator for our Keller Williams agents. He teaches courses on Financial Mastery, Building Successful Teams, Buyer and Seller Mastery, and more. Bob was a mega agent with a successful team before joining the …

Dino D’Orazio

Dino is a rising star in the industry. He won rookie of the year his first year out and hired his office manager in his second year and doubled his business. In the decade since he started, he has grown each year winning “30 Under 30) by year 4, and has developed a 7th level team. As a powerful leader, he is passionate about coaching and mentoring other individuals with a desire to learn and grow. His ability to grow and inspire his team has afforded him an exceptional work-life balance where he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three children along with their myriad of friends and family.

Mike Campo

Mike is an Operating Partner of Keystone Partners Group. His primary focus lies in supporting his leadership staff centering around Growth, Productivity, Profitability, and Culture in 9 Keller Williams Franchises with over 1,300+ realtor associates. Mike is an Entrepreneur/Visionary and loves to create wealth opportunities for his KW agents by including them as partners/investors in ancillary companies such as Title and …

Amy Phillips

Amy has spent her career developing close relationships with those she has come in contact with and much of her success can be attributed to this. She began her real estate career in 2003, where she gained extensive knowledge of all aspects of the real estate field, specializing in relationships between realtors and attorneys. She is incredibly passionate about the growth of herself and those around her. She has dedicated her time to coaching and consulting others so that they may become the best version of themselves. She has developed an exception work-life balance and seeks to help others achieve this same goal. Amy is lucky to have the support of her husband and four energetic children. More than anything she loves spending quality time with her family in activities such as, hiking, soccer, and softball.